This beautiful, vibrant bracelet contains 6 mm Amethyst beads, a gemstone associated with the Ascended Master Buddha which is a natural healer and grounding tool.


Balances Chakras
Enhances spiritual gifts esp. Third Eye and Intuition
Heals physical and emotional issues
Calming and healing vibration when held or worn
Support against anxiety, depression and anger related issues
Aids in healing from insomnia and sleep paralysis
Heals nervous system related ailments
Balances crown Chakra


Every product purchased from this store is exclusively blessed and prayed for you by Ayesha Sheeba (Spiritual Guide/Mentor, healer and Intuitive) from before it is dispatched. You can specify your needs and it shall be also infused with the energy of the Ascended Master Krishna upon request.

You will have to mention this requirement on the memo while you place your order.

* You will receive a FREE Blessed Crystal with this Purchase

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