Welcome to SPIRISTORE.COM, the home of exquisite handmade gemstones and natural beads jewelry for meditative,healing,and adornation purposes. This is the only official online store for the spiritual teaching and guidance platform, www.revolutionoflight.com
Besides having been personally hand picked by AYESHA SHEEBA (Founder/Spiritual Guide of www.revolutionoflight.com), she has also blessed every product for cleansing and energizing it.

You may make a special request for a customized blessing of the product you purchase by Ayesha. You simply have to mention the prayer/healing request when you place the order and it will be included during the final blessing before it is dispatched.

There will be a FREE gift in the package for you for every order as an expression of our appreciation. This gift will contain an energized and blessed gemstone from our collection.

Delivery will take between 2 - 3 weeks depending on location.

Do contact us if you require any further information.

Have a very blessed day!

The Team

Note: Every product in our store is handpicked based on its vibration/energy and contains premium gemstones/natural beads and metal that have been tested and pre-blessed before they are prepared for listing. The spiritual vibration in each product is very intense and therefore cannot be compared to that of other products available in the global online market.

The products are made to order and none are sent without them being blessed and prayed over twice by Ayesha Sheeba by placing in our altar. You can request for special prayers and energy infusion by Ascended Masters as well. This service is free for all our customers.

We believe in adding value to your spiritual growth and life here through our numerous services. Do feel free to contact us if your require any further clarification regarding our services and products. We are the Online Store for the Spiritual Empowerment Platform, www.revolutionoflight.com